Audio Mastering

Taking your final mix to the medium in which your final song or project will be delivered. Mastering can be thought of as the glue that holds the mix together, or more commonly making the mix loud and competitive with commercial music.



Be The Generic Rapper Before Your Last Chorus

The title is meant in jest. I am an exceptional rapper, though I'm not the biggest rap/hip-hop fan. I won't mention which other (white) rappers people have compared me to, but I assure you I can satisfy. 

  • Can be generic and comical if you'd like that, 
  • but can also do a more serious recording for you. 
  • I can rap something you have written
  • Rap about something or someone for you

Graduated top of my class at Full Sail, won Course Director's award, and my original song was chosen as the best in my class. I look forward to doing business with you all!



Create Sonic Branding or Logo For Your Business

Sonic branding is the quick, usually up to 5 second jingle that associates with your brand. Effective sonic branding is essential to successful marketing. It conveys professionalism and success to your potential clients and market.



Score Your Commercial

Using the latest version of Pro Tools and Logic Pro, I will score and mix a song to your commercial or advertisement. With the highest quality of digital instruments (Native Instrument's Komplete and more) I will create an appropriate tone for what you want to convey to your target market. I will also emphasize any parts you'd like and add sound effects at your discretion.